Residual waste

Refrigerating Appliances

In reaffirming its commitment towards sustainable development and to compensate for the termination of Hydro-Quebec’s Recyc-Frigo Program, the Town of Kirkland now offers residents a no charge pick-up service for discarded refrigerating appliances (appliances containing halocarbons), available upon request.

To schedule a pick-up, you can either submit your request through the Requests on Line system or call 514 630-2727 during regular business hours.

Accepted appliances

  • Refrigerators (large or small)
  • Freezers
  • Wine chillers
  • Water dispensers
  • Air conditioning units
  • Deshumidifiers
  • Heat pumps

The above-mentioned appliances must not be disposed of in regular municipal pick-ups (i.e. household garbage, brown bin, blue bin).

Rules to follow

  1. Refrigerating appliances must be placed at the curbside, on your property (not in the street), on the scheduled pick-up day.
  2. Doors and other closing devices must be removed in order to prevent a child from getting trapped inside.

Alternative options

Many retail stores now offer the possibility to pick up old appliances when purchasing new ones. Some will even pick up old refrigerators from inside the house - check with your retailer!

Did you know?

Household refrigerating appliances contain halocarbons that deplete the ozone layer and have a significant impact on climate changes when released into the atmosphere.

Once collected, these appliances are sent to specialized recyclers who ensure that halocarbons are disposed of in conformity with applicable provincial laws and recycle 95% of their remaining components.